The Early Canada Seminar brings together established scholars, graduate students, and public historians from the Greater Toronto Area and beyond who are interested in Northern North America’s historical development prior to the twentieth century. The group seeks to engage with a broad range of historiographical subfields and methodological approaches. We aim to integrate early Canada into an expansive spatial context that reveals the various ways in which Northern North America’s past has shaped, and been shaped by, developments occurring elsewhere in the world. Accordingly, we welcome scholars whose work is influenced by Atlantic World, Borderlands, and colonial Americas frameworks, among others.

Meetings of the group, are held once per month during the academic year.  Typically, they involve a brief—5-10 minute—introduction of a pre-circulated 30 page paper. The introduction will be followed by a group discussion led by a pre-assigned discussant, the objective of which will be to provide presenters with constructive feedback. As an alternative, presenters will have the option of delivering a longer—20-25 minute—talk on a paper that has not been pre-circulated. These talks will also be followed by a group discussion.

Scholars interested in joining the group can sign up for our e-mail list, which will provide information regarding the seminar’s upcoming meetings and other activities. Scholars interested in presenting their work should send a short abstract and approximate date for the presentation. To join or suggest a presentation please contact us at:


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